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Project Info

The proposed wind farm site is located on land at Muirpark Farm, a locally- owned, working farm approximately 4km southwest of Stirling.

The project consists of up to four wind turbines, each with a blade tip height of up to 180 metres and an estimated overall capacity of up to 30MW. The design will be developed by a multidisciplinary project team through a consultation process taking into consideration feedback from consultees, the community and experienced consultants.

Surveys and studies have been conducted to allow assessment of environmental and technical considerations, such as ornithology, cultural heritage, landscape and visual, peat, design process etc. These will inform the finalised layout which will strike the optimum balance between maximising renewable energy generation and its associated benefits while reducing any potential adverse impacts to a minimum through a mitigation plan.

Detailed visual materials including photomontages and wireframes will be prepared in due course and will be available to view at two public exhibitions. Wind2 received a formal Scoping Opinion for the proposed development from Stirling Council. This process formalised the scope of the Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) required to inform the planning application. Following initial consultation with statutory consultees, it is anticipated that the key considerations for assessment within the EIA would be the landscape and visual impact, including cumulative development in the area, cultural heritage, hydrology and noise.

We anticipate that a planning application will be submitted to Stirling Council by June 2024.

Based on an installed capacity of approx. 30MW, Drummarnock wind farm will have the potential to generate around 83,000 megawatt hours (MWh) of electricity annually, sufficient to meet the needs of around 22,000 homes, while offsetting approximately 36,000 tonnes of CO2 per year*.

*Recent calculation ( October 2022 ) based on RenewableUK methodology, utilising the most recent statistics from the Department of Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) (